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Cooking: Spinach Pachadi | Spinach and Yoghurt

Spring SunThere has been such a flurry of activity in The Kitchen. Dal Makhani Nilgiri, Spinach Pachadi/Curry, Red Rice Congee with Black Beans, Sweet Cumquat Pickles, salads, spicy oven baked chickpea snacks, Urad Dal Rice, and possibly more that my mind is not recalling. The cumquat pickles are amazing, sweet, very spicy and citrusy.

The Spinach Pachadi is so easy – Steam 1 bunch spinach and 1/2 cup or so of bean sprouts. Puree in the blender, gradually adding 1.5 cups coconut (use frozen) and 1 cup thick yoghurt. Heat 1.5 Tblspn ghee in a saute pan, saute off 2-3 cloves garlic and 2 tspns ginger, both finely chopped. Add 1 tspn each of cumin, fennel seeds and aniseed seeds and saute until they brown but not burn. Pour all, including the ghee, onto the spinach mix, stir and season with salt. Enjoy! (I’ll post a pic on A Life (Time) of Cooking in a week or so.)

Using Spinach Stems

Looking for a way to use up the Spinach Stems, I made this wonderful, easy hot salad with some verjuice added while cooking: Buttered Spinach Stems

While I was looking for ways to use them, these recipes also seemed worth saving

Ghee and Ayurveda

Today I picked up some fantastic ghee from the Prospect Indian shop. I love to make it, but when life is busy, then shop bought it is. It’s important to look for cow ghee these days, as some is made from buffalo milk. I avoid the ghee that does not specify its source.

You know, traditionally ghee was made very differently and with different medical/properties to the ghee of today. There are a couple of excellent articles if you are interested, referencing the ancient Ayurveda texts that prescribed ghee making for maximum healthy-giving characteristics.

More Food

A few more dishes that I have my eye on

Perfect change-of-season food! Enjoy your evening.

Namaskaram. _/||\_



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