Ingredients: Mango Magic | What to do with Mangoes

Mangoes are prolific, juicy and cheap at the moment. A mango a day keeps joy at hand and depression at bay – at least that is my philosophy!

Gorgeous also in smoothies, lassis, curries, salads, fruit salads. They go well with chillies, coriander leaves, black salt, yoghurt, salad onions. They make great chutneys and jams, dressings and sauces. A friend of mine makes a wicked mango salsa.

If you search them out there are many varieties of mango available – both the tangy green ones and the juicy, sweet ripe mangoes. Our local Asian shop stocks dozens of different types across the mango season. Here are some of the ones available in our local area.

A friend from long ago always said that the only way to eat mangoes is in the bath. So very true when they are at their juiciest.

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Some Mango Facts

The name ‘mango’ is derived from the Tamil word ‘mangkay’ or ‘man-gai’. When the Portuguese traders settled in Western India they adopted the name as ‘manga’.

Mangoes originated in East India, Burma and the Andaman Islands bordering the Bay of Bengal. Around the 5th century B.C., Buddhist monks are believed to have introduced the mango to Malaysia and eastern Asia – legend has it that Buddha found tranquility and repose in a mango grove. Persian traders took the mango into the middle east and Africa, from there the Portuguese brought it to Brazil and the West Indies.

There are over 20 million metric tons of mangos grown throughout the tropical and sub-tropical world. The leading mango producer is India, with very little export as most are consumed within the country. Mexico and China compete for second place, followed by Pakistan and Indonesia. Thailand, Nigeria, Brazil, Philippines and Haiti follow in order.

The mango has orange-yellow skin, smooth, fibreless flesh, and a distinctive, powerful aroma and flavour, with notes of almond, coconut, vanilla and citrus. YUM!

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Mango Recipes

You might enjoy cooking with mangoes. Try a Mango Lassi first of all – an Indian yoghurt smoothie, very nice. Mango and Lemon Rice is a winner or just Mango Rice. This uses either ripe or green mangoes, and you can find another version of it here. Or soak some mangoes in a sugar syrup for a delicious dessert. Learn how to Dehydrate Sweet Mango and make Mango Leather. Use the dried mango in a Pachadi. Mangoes are perfect in Summery salads, such as this one and this one with Jicama, and this one with Cauliflower and Chickpeas.  Throw it into a Dal, or add to this salad or serve with some noodles. Make a dessert out of Mangoes and Loquats with Makrut Leaf.

A Sweet and Sour Pulissery is mango heaven – mango yoghurt curry. You should also try Mango Mor Kuzhambu, Fajeto, and Mango Parathas.

For green mangoes, first of all read about Green Mangoes and Amchur, a green mango powder. Then make a Sundal, an Indian Salad, with white peas and green mangoes. This rice recipes, mentioned above, can use green mangoes, and make Mango and Coconut Rice. Green Mangoes go well in Salads too. Or try this salad with Jicama.  It pairs well with Pomelo (and here), with Longan, and with Pineapple, or top some Vermicelli Noodles. It can also be cooked in Coconut Milk and make a Pulissery too. It can go in Dals (and here), in Pickles, and in Drinks.

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