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Cooking: Nut butters, Pickled Lemon Slices, Channa Dal, Goda Masala and More

Salt and Pepper

Cooking for me is an essential part of the day. Out of the kitchen, one slightly discombobulated girl is the result. And lately work, family, travel and other things have kept me away – not cooking much, not eating well. So this week’s illness is a result. Although not yet strong enough to be out and about, I did put in a valiant effort in The Kitchen today, to begin to eat healthily again, and balanced, mostly in a ayurvedic/Indian food sort of way.

In The Kitchen

Green Juice
Fighting through the tiredness related to the bug that I have had, it was a nutritious day in The Kitchen.  A green Veggie+Fruit juice as an early start  – a lemon, pear, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric and kiwi fruit with spinach and cauliflower. Yum.

Multi Seed Butter
Next came a seed butter, made from flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I threw in some pistachios too, and used some gorgeous raw honey. The result was great, but I needed a tang to it, so added a squeeze of lemon right at the end. The recipe is here: Multi Seed Butter. (For more nut butters see here.)

Spice Mix: Goda Masala
Next on the list of things to make is Goda Masala, a special mix of spices. The recipe that I used is from a book called Sukam Ayu, An Ayurvedic Approach to Eating. It is a great book. The recipe for Goda Masala is repeated with little alternation here: Goda Masala. Goda Masala can be used to spice up vegetables, dals, rice dishes and kitchadis.

By the way, Goda Masala is from the Maharashtra state of India. (India is very regional in its cooking.)

Channa Dal
The Chief Reason that I made Goda Masala is to use it in a great Channa Dal from Aayi’s Recipes. It is very very good, and I recommend it. I love the texture that the cashew nuts give to the dal, and the specialness of the goda masala.

Pickled Lemon Slices (RECIPE)

A neighbour, concerned about the bug that I have been carrying the past week gave us some home grown organic lemons. I have turned some of them into Pickled Lemon Slices. (The others are going into juices.)

Instructions: Slice 6 unwaxed lemons thinly, removing any pips. Spread them on a freezer-proof dish or tray and sprinkle generously with 3 Tblspn sea salt. Freeze for 24 hours, then thaw and drain off the juices using a strainer or colander.

Layer the slices in a clean glass jar, sprinkling a little paprika between the layers. Pour over enough olive oil to cover the slices by at least 1 cm.  Add any of the following for extra flavour (optional): small hot chillies, cloves, cardamon pods, cinnamon sticks, kaffir lime leaves.

Use the lemons as you would use pickled lemons. The oil is wonderful in dressings, and for dunking crispy bread. Or use it again to top up your next batch of lemon slices.

Enjoy your day in your kitchen.


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