Recipe: How to Turn Nothing into a Couscous Salad


It’s great to have some time at the seaside. Recently in Kauai I made a special lunch in about 10 mins, to eat over the water. Really, it was just from things that we had around in the condo – towards the end of the trip we tried to use up as much as we could.  It was perfect for a relaxed day contemplating nothing much. You can do the same with whatever you have in your kitchen. You can even replace the large couscous with the smaller grains, polenta, or any lentils.

I took some Israeli large couscous, and cooked it with fresh, shredded young ginger, grated fresh turmeric and a large clove garlic. While it was cooking I threw in some sunflower seeds that were left over and the last of a packet of sun dried tomatoes. Also I added a few spoonfuls of mung dal.

I left it to cook while I roughly shredded some salad greens. It is not well known, but most greens will take heat well, even salad greens. So these went at the bottom of a large soup bowl.

Then, in a saute pan I made a tadka with ghee, black mustard seeds, a few fennel seeds, cumin seeds and fresh curry leaves. After  sauteing, they went into the pot with some Hawaiian pink salt.

I ladled the couscous mixture onto the leaves and served. Perfect.

Tea to complete the meal

Again, just from things that were in my kitchen, I made an awesome tea of dried cranberries, some blackberry preserve for sweetening, and some fennel, cardamom and coriander seeds. Add boiling water, allow to seep for 5 to 10 mins, strain, drink. Perfect. Enjoy!


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