Cooking: How to Preserve Tomatoes for Winter


It’s that time of year again when tomatoes are prolific and sweet tasting. As autumn emerges from under Summer’s cloudless skies and the heat of Ms Summer dissipates a little, tomatoes come into their own.

It is at this time of year that I make my own tomato paste/sauce, to be frozen for use throughout winter. I usually freeze it in icecube trays, then pop the blocks into ziplock bags. It is easy to take some cubes for soups and curries that require it.

The different pastes and sauces I use are here. Feel free to browse.

This year, I am also incorporating a couple of different approaches. Grabbing the bags of “cooking only” tomatoes, as is my habit at this time of the year, I am doing both of these:

Tomatoes | Heat in The Kitchen


Throwing the tomatoes through the cold press juicer, and freezing the wonderful juice. I can see LOTS of tomato soups this winter.

Freezing Whole

Lucy has this wonderful idea of freezing tomatoes whole, to use in dishes as required through winter. My friend Lucy says: Take one large ziploc bag and fill it, in a single layer, with fresh tomatoes. Squish (the technical term, obviously) as much air out as you can be arsed to, seal bag and place in freezer. Tomatoes can be placed, whole and frozen, into dishes where they can cook and collapse. Alternatively, take out as many tomatoes as you want to use and place in a colander. Boil a kettle and pour water over tomatoes. Remove skins (they come away easily) then chuck into the pan and get cooking.

Let it be a tomatoey winter! You can browse all of our tomato recipes here and here.



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