Recipe: Things in The Kitchen | Dried Parsley, Pickled Orange Peels, Mustard Sauce

Growing Love

Dried Herbs in The Kitchen

Have you ever accidentally dried parsley or mint in the fridge? These herbs that mostly will turn brown if you try to air dry them or go to mush if left in the fridge for too long, will sometimes, rarely, amazingly dry to a green crisp in the fridge. And so it was recently. BOTH a bunch of parsley and a bunch of mint relaxed enough in the cold fridge air to dry whilst also retaining their wonderful green colour.

Just to make sure, they were air dried for a couple more days, and tonight, ground into the most amazing and fragrant powders to be sprinkled, blended and stirred into whatever is cooking, and mixed into that always-present Kitchen Masala of unknown and changing origins that sits on The Kitchen Bench.

Pickled Orange Peel

When my friend Franz mentioned Pickled Orange Peel the other day, I had to investigate. He makes a very simple one, and I also discovered a range of tantalising Indian versions.  I would like to share some with you.

Aam Kashundi, that heady Bengali Mustard Sauce

Kashundi is often made with tomatoes, but traditionally it is made with green mango. I came across it the other day and it sent me searching for recipes. Aam Kashundi is famed for its fieriness. Made from the paste of green mango, fresh red hot chillies, mustard and garlic, it is hot, tasty, tangy and sour.

Hope you enjoy!



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