Cooking: Indian Watercress, Cashew Yoghurt, Kasundi, Banana Skins


Heading fully into glorious Autumn as only Adelaide can do it, golden light, still warm days, a little rain, cooler evenings. I always miss summer but somehow when Autumn fully arrives it is a relief. A relaxation. A letting go. An arrival of gentleness. In the spaces of Autumn we find ourselves again.

Yesterday it rained. today, a magpie sits on the fence and looks at me. A quick song and then he is gone.

Some recipes came across my browser recently, each for different reasons. You might be inspired by them too.

Indian Watercress
This green veg is new to me. I came across it in the Asian grocery in the Central Market. Wonderfully peppery, I can’t wait to try it. Maybe this cauliflower stirfry with spices : Watercress Gobi Pancha Phoran

Cashew Yoghurt?
An absolute must-read on setting yoghurt with the stems of chillies, and on making yoghurt curd from cashews. Extraordinary.

I am a sucker for pickles and chutneys, and when I came across the mustardy mango pickle called kasundi, I looked for some good recipes. Try this one or the one here

Eating Banana Skins
I never knew that you can make all sorts of things from banana peels. Google it and see. Like this cake from Nigella. If, like me, you dont eat eggs, use your favourite egg substitute.



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