Ingredients: How to Cook with Yoghurt and Minimise Splitting

There are some tricks to cooking with yoghurt– using yoghurt in hot dishes such as the range of yoghurt-based dishes that criss-cross India.

Some yoghurt recipes include Pineapple in Spicy Yoghurt Sauce, Pulse Ball Kuzhambu, and Yoghurt Curry with Vegetables.

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Yoghurt Curry

Yoghurt can split when heated and although this does not alter the taste, the appearance of the dish can suffer. Here are a few tips for you to experiment with. You will rarely have any trouble with yoghurt splitting.

  1. Use a thick yoghurt, ie a good Greek Yoghurt. Even then, drain it in a piece of muslin cloth for an hour.
  2. Buy yoghurt from an Indian shop. Indian grocers sells the most silky yoghurt, already thick, suitable for cooking.
  3. Bring the yoghurt to room temperature before beginning to cook with it..
  4. Beat the yoghurt a little. The addition of air minimises the risk of splitting.
  5. And the best tip of all, add besan (gram flour, chickpea flour) to the yoghurt as you beat it. A teaspoon or two will do the trick. It stabilises the yoghurt and minimises the risk of splitting.
  6. In the South of India it is also common to stabilise the yoghurt with rice flour and/orΒ  finely ground coconut.

Yoghurt Curry | Kadhi

Enjoy using yoghurt with freedom in your dishes.