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June 7th 2013. What to do with a BBQ? And a Slow Cooker? AND a Dehydrator?


A nice week just past with lots of cooking new things, a new slow cooker and a new BBQ. I have ordered a dehydrator. Despite slipping into winter, we still have bright patches in each day, as well as rain and overcast skies in the mornings.

Slooooow Cookers in The Kitchen

The slow cooker is a bit of an accident. i said that I would buy one for my father. I took a bit too long researching, choosing one then picking it up – he had bought one just the day before I was to bring it to his place. Lol, it is not so bad. It will either be a gift to some lucky friend or i might just replace my existing slow cooking facilities with this one.

I have an old orange slow cooker from the 1980s. Ancient it is, but awesome, cooking the best old fashioned porridge overnight, or creamy chickpeas or keeping yoghurt at the right temperature as it does its thing turning into real, unsweetened, no additives yoghurt. In the ’80s, the world was slower and slow cookers cooked slower then too. Rarely used, it still has my love and it does get dusted off in winter.

My other slow cooker is the slow cooking function on the rice cooker. Faster than the Orange Beast, nevertheless it does an awesome Green Mung Bean Soup: Pachai Payaru, and I so love the Turtle/Black Bean Soup/Stew cooked overnight or while I am partaking of life in The Office.

What I do love about the new one is that the bowl insert can be used on the stove and in a low oven as well. So it can be used, for example, to saute some onions before adding the black beans for that stew, and it can be placed in the oven to finish cooking or cook a crust on top of a stew etc.

What to do? Keep or gift?


The other new item is a fantastic BBQ, given to me as a present on my birthday. I was a bit unsure about how much The BBQ could be used for vegetarian cooking, but after the first day I was convinced. Lunch of haloumi, roasted tomatoes, roasted eggplant puree, salty crispy grilled potato slices and salad with roasted red peppers convinced me totally.

I have lots of plans. It is one of those BBQs that you cook with the lid down so can be used to bake and roast as well as grill.

There is a whole red pumpkin in The Kitchen awaiting being cooked whole. Think Aloo Tikki (potato patties), Achari Tawa Brinjal (grilled eggplant stuffed with spices) might cook well I reckon. Pudla pancakes (chickpea flour morsels of deliciousness) for breakfast, the options are endless. Carrots with pomegranate syrup. Veggies marinated in oil, lemon juice and spices. Converting existing recipes for BBQ’ing. I have found a range of great things to try in my blog feeds and from twitter friends. Stay tuned!

Hey, I might even end up getting a gas ring for cooking outside.


A simple reason…. I am not going “raw” although I do love a lot of food from the raw cuisine genre. I am wanting to experiment with using it to dry ingredients and mixtures that are normally done under a tropical sun in Sth India. I need a substitute – no corner of my little place gets solid sun all day and is private enough to the doing this. So… let’s see if there is an acceptable substitute.

Enjoy your day.


From the Slow Food – Sunday Afternoon at Home Cooking – Series

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