Ingredients: How to Use Parsley Stalks


Do you use the leaves of parsley for garnish and then dispose of the stalks?

I was thinking about this at lunch time today as I chopped parsley leaves. Parts of the world, like Greece, treat parsley as a vegetable, and even produce whole parsley based dishes, like Stewed Parsley.

I like to do 2 things with parsley stalks, either:

  • throw them through the juicer with fruits and other vegetables to contribute to my daily juice

or, even better,

  • chop into short pieces, and stir fry for a few moments in a little oil. They go bright beautiful green. Then stir them into any dish that you are making – e.g. rice, pasta, soup, salad, roasted veggies, lentil stews, sambar, rasam, etc. Add them towards the end of cooking.

They are so full of healthy goodness, it is a pity to waste them.

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