Recipe: Charles’ Coffee and Icecream Dessert

Charles' Coffee and Icecream Dessert

I met a whole heap of people during my time managing the old Food Matters site. Charles from Melbourne was one of those, and we corresponded regularly. This is one of the recipes he sent to me. You might like to update your choice of icecream and whiskey brands now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Make your own icecream if you can.

In those days, still a bad speller, I often mixed up Deserts and Desserts. This recipe was originally named Charles’ Coffee and Icecream Desert.

Charles’ Coffee and Icecream Dessert

Recently I was trawling through some printouts of emails sent to me by my loyal gang of readers, when I came across this. I think it was from Charles, in Melbourne, a real coffee freak. It is the best.

Sara Lee’s Vanilla Icecream Freshly Ground Brazilian coffee beans Whiskey – good quality

Serve the icecream with a tablespoon of whisky pored over the top and sprinkled with finely ground Brazilian coffee.


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