Recipe: Fresh Mint and Radish Chutney


This was one of my first forays into the universe of Indian fresh chutneys. These days I make them a lot – not only are they wonderful in their own right and an important taste element in an Indian meal, they are also a great way to eat more veg, AND use up any vegetable and herb that has sat in the fridge longer than it should have.

If you are trying to learn more about Indian cooking the importance of the fresh chutneys is not immediately evident. They may not make sense to you – they appear in a separate section of cookbooks and it may not be evident how critical a part they play in any meal. It is only through diligent reading of many many blog posts or books, or a visit to India where you can eat in homes or local cafes, that the place of fresh chutneys in Indian meals slowly dawns.

Don’t let a day go past without whizzing one up.  Read about Indian Chutneys here. Browse our Indian Chutney recipes here, our Chutney recipes here, and our pickle recipes here and here. Feel free to also browse other recipes from our Retro Recipes series.

Radish and Mint Fresh Chutney

Fresh Mint and Radish Chutney

This is great as a dip, as a sauce, or best of all, as an accompaniment to any curry. It has the best taste! I made it for Narasimhan when he came over for dinner. And don’t throw those radish leaves away – they make a great addition to your salad.

2 cups fresh mint leaves 25 g radish, peeled – use either white daikon radish or red radishes 1- 2 green chilli
0.25 small onion pinch salt 0.5 Tblspn fresh lime juice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until a paste is reached. Add 1 or 2 Tblspn water if required.



This recipe is cross posted with our sister site, A Life (Time) of Cooking; it appears here as part of our Retro Recipes series – vegetarian recipes from our first blog from 1995 – 2005.

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