Ingredients: How to Make Salted, Pickled Lemons and Limes

Some Notes on Salting and Pickling Lemons and Limes

When pickling lemons and limes, it is important to have the correct temperature and salt-to-water ratio to encourage the growth of valuable pickling bacteria and discourage those that cause spoilage. The fruit should be mixed with a brine solution of approx. 1:10 ratio (1 cup salt to 10 cups of water).

Fill a crock or similar ceramic or glass container with halved limes and pour in sufficient brine to cover. Place a plate on top to submerge the limes totally in the brine. Set aside in an area with a moderate temperature for 8 weeks to pickle.

Do not worry if mould forms on the top.

After 8 weeks, transfer to sterilised jars and store in the fridge. The end result will be a delicious, wholesome salt-and-natural-acid pickle.

Spices can also be added, or the lemons and limes can be pickled in their own juices, Indian style, as an alternative.


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