Recipe: Two Rice Puddings

Who does not like a Rice Pud? There is something so comforting about them. Each year I usually bake my first one in late Autumn as cold weather sets in. I know that I have accepted the arrival of winter as soon as the first Rice Pudding is in the oven.

Rice pudding is such a traditional dish, born from Mother’s, Grandmothers’  and Great Grandmothers’ Winter collections of recipes. A dish of extreme comfort and warmth, there is something about it that connects me with my great line of ancestors.

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Rice Pudding

Baked Rice Pudding like My Mother Made

This old fashioned, rustic dish is rather dark from the brown sugar. Use white sugar if you prefer a lighter version.

1 cup rice 4 cups milk 1 cup brown sugar (or use white sugar for a lighter coloured pudding)
cinnamon butter honey (optional)
brandy (optional)

Heat oven to 180C. Place rice, milk and sugar, perhaps a little honey and a dash of brandy, in an ovenproof dish. Mix. Sprinkle cinnamon over the top and dot with butter. Cook slowly in the oven for 1 – 1.5 hrs until the rice is cooked with a light crust on the top. Serve with cream and fresh fruit.

Left Over Baked Rice Pudding


This recipe is cross posted with our Sister Site, A Life Time of Cooking. It appears here as part of the Retro Recipes series – vegetarian recipes from our first blog 1995 – 2006.

Greek Rice Puding

Rizogalo | Greek Rice Pudding

This was part two of Lia’s first food offerings in her new house (sharing with me!), and it was a great hit. She can cook this any time.

1 litre milk 75 g castor sugar 5cm piece orange rind
100 g short grain rice 1 Tblspn custard powder 0.25 cup milk, extra
ground cinnamon

Combine milk, sugar and orange rind in pan, stirring constantly over heat without boiling, until sugar is dissolved. Then bring to the boil, add rice, simmer uncovered for about 30 minutes or until rice is tender. Stir occasionally. Remove rind, stir in blended custard powder and extra milk and stir over heat until mixture boils and thickens.

Pour mixture into serving bowls and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon. Serve hot, warm or cold.

This recipe is cross posted with our sister site, A Life Time of Cooking. It appears here as part of the Retro Recipes series – vegetarian recipes from our first blog 1995 – 2006..


Greek Rice Puding


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