Recipe: Cheesy Raw Veggie Dip

Cheesy Raw Vegetable Dip

In September, 2000, I had just shifted to Sydney, in time for the Olympics. It was a wonderful time in Sydney; the whole city was celebrating. We all ate dinner in front of the TV for the whole month.

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Cheesy Raw Veggie Dip

If you gotta eat in front of the Olympics, you may as well make it healthy and easy to prepare. Don’t forget that glass of wine to go with it.

Dip: 100g cream cheese 180 g blue cheese
100 g crème fraîche 2 Tblspn Brandy
a few drops tabasco sauce 2 Tblspn dark soy
Vegetables 1 cauliflower cut or broken into heads 500 g carrots cut into thick 7 or 8 cm strips
1 head celery cut into 7 or 8 cm strips 1 bunch radishes, leaves and root removed with a cross cut into the base.

Blend all dip ingredients.

Serve in a bowl surrounded by the prepared vegetables.




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