Recipe: How to Make Coriander Pesto

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While Basil is the traditional ingredient for pesto, it can be made from a range of ingredients. Try it out with Coriander – it is particularly good for using up coriander stalks and stems.. And because pine nuts are so expensive at the moment, you can substitute with almonds, cashews or hazelnuts.

This is great as a spread, on pasta or a dip. You can thin it with warm water to the consistency that you desire.

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Coriander Pesto

Serve with pasta or as a dip.

30 g coriander leaves and stems, coarsely chopped 50 g parmesan cheese, coarsely grated 3 Tblspn pinenuts, or mix pine nuts and walnuts, or use almonds, cashews or hazelnuts
4 – 5 Tblspn (about 80-100 ml) extra virgin olive or hazelnut oil salt to taste (remember the cheese is salty so only  a little salt is required, if any) freshly ground black pepper

Process the coriander, nuts and cheese until smooth. With the motor of the processor running, gradually add the olive oil until well combined, then season to taste. Cover and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature before serving.

You can add a small clove of garlic while blending if you like.


recipe notes
The parmesan can be left out if you prefer.



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