Recipe: Yazarf Sabzi | Iranian Bowl of Herbs


Another amazing dish from The Archives. This traditional beginning to a meal is very special. I love it very very much.

Note the name of the dish – Sabzi – literally means “herbs”. Quite like the Indian word Subzi or Subji, meaning vegetables.

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Yazarf Sabzi | Iranian Bowl of Herbs

The Caucasians and Iranians, and particularly the latter, have a beautiful custom of offering fresh herbs and vegetables with cheese at the beginning of the meal. Adopt this habit for your own…. Not only is it healthy, starting your digestive fires, it is yummy as well…

The platter will include many of the following:

mint sprigs spring onions small oven dried tomatoes
garlic chives onion chives tarragon
coriander leaves watercress fenugreek greens
flat-leafed parsley dill radishes
cos lettuce leaves other salad greens garlic cloves
onions feta cheese pita bread or lavash

Choose a variety of herbs and vegetables from those listed, or those on hand, and wash well under running water. Don’t include hard vegetables like carrots – this is a fairly soft salad where the herbs feature. Remove discoloured leaves and shake off excess water. Cube finely any large vegetables, like cucumber. Chill for 2 – 3 hours.

Arrange in a large bowl or on a platter. Eat as a salad on a plate, or wrap a selection of herbs and thin slices of cheese in pita or lavash bread and (for greater authenticity) drink an ice cold yogurt drink.




from the Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern-Influenced series




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