Recipe: BBQ’d Roast Tomatoes

BBQ'd Tomatoes | Vegetarian |Heat in The Kitchen

Another recipe in our tomato theme, and this time we turn to the BBQ.

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BBQ'd Tomatoes | Ready for the BBQ | Vegetarian | A Life Time of Cooking

BBQ’d Roast Tomatoes

6 roma or other tomatoes olive oil salt, freshly ground black pepper
toppings, such as couscous, feta, mozzarella or other melty cheese, breadcrumbs, pesto, crumbled Mung Wadi

Halve the tomatoes — halving them lengthwise is attractive when serving. Place in an BBQ-friendly dish, such as a foil tray. Add a topping if desired, such a little amount of couscous which will steam while the tomatoes are cooking, or pieces of feta or buffalo mozzarella topped with some pesto, or a small piece of  cheese covered with breadcrumbs. Some Chilli Jam. Be imaginative with your toppings.

Drizzle olive oil over the tomatoes and around them, season to taste, and place the dish into a covered BBQ. If you are using an open BBQ, cover the dish with foil before placing on the BBQ. Cook until the tomatoes are soft and delicious but not falling apart.

The tomatoes in the photos are topped with a little couscous, Buffalo Mozzarella and coriander paste.

Alternatively, leave the tomatoes whole, drizzle with olive oil and cook as above but without the topping.


BBQ'd Tomatoes | Vegetarian |Heat in The Kitchen



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