Recipe: Classic Tomato Salads

Classic Tomato Salads are always a winner. Here is how to make them, and to vary them from day to day. Enjoy!

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Tomato Salad

Classic Tomato Salads

In summer there is nothing like a large plate of fresh, juicy,very ripe tomatoes in the middle of the table. Alone, strewn with herbs, with cucumber, or any other simple combination, a classic tomato salad is a must.

The variations are many – the only major rule is that this is a TOMATO salad and thus tomatoes are the major featuring ingredient. The following will help you think about variations.

tomatoes red onion spring onions
basil, marjoram, thyme, parsley good wine vinegar, lemon juice extra virgin olive oil
sea salt and black pepper garlic

Firstly, decide how you want the tomatoes: Diced, sliced or in wedges. Convert the tomatoes into that style. Retain any juice that escapes.

The essentials that I like to keep are some sort of onion and some sort of fresh herb. Choose your onions – white, red, spring, or even chives. If using the latter, slice or chop. If using red or white onions, cut in the same manner as the tomatoes – diced, sliced or in wedges.

Choose your herbs. I love basil and parsley, but there is a whole range of herbs that will enhance the salad. Chop or tear leaves from the stalks.

Decide on garlic. If using, use a small amount, and chop very very very finely or press.

Select one additional ingredient if desired. Cucumber, zucchini, avocado, feta cheese, Italian bread, greens,…. If possible, cut into the same shape as the tomatoes.

Choose a dressing. Use extra virgin olive oil combined with either a good wine vinegar or lemon juice. If using lemon juice, add some finely grated lemon rind. Add sea salt and black pepper. A little sugar can bring out the sweetness of tomatoes if they are a bit tart.

Combine all ingredients and place on a stunning plate – a rustic terracotta bowl, a stunning blue Italian or Spanish plate, a square white plate or large white Italian soup bowl. Let your imagination run away with you. This is a dish that deserves fabulous underpinning!

Serve even as a small meal on its own with rustic bread.


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