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Tomato Cream Salad. A beautiful German Recipe from The Archives. February, 1998.

Tomato Cream Salad

My dear mother, who is no longer physically with us, made this often. It is a stunner.

As you know from reading this blog’s sister site, I have been blogging FOREVER! The time has come to record many of these old recipes here on Heat in the Kitchen and A (Life) Time of Cooking. It is 17 years since I began blogging and 6 years since A (Life) Time of Cooking came into being. As part of those celebrations, during the next few months I am reblogging some of those recipes from 1996 – 2005. They are no longer in existence in the blogosphere, except , perhaps, where copied….. :) The recipe that appears below is exactly how it appeared when it first appeared on that blog long ago, along with the comments from that time.

Tomato Cream Salad

This is an old family recipé, one which, I suspects, came with my Great Grandparents from the Germany/Poland border region. It is still a favourite. Fantastic with home-grown tomatoes and cucumber.

Tomatoes, sliced (cut tomatoes in half first, if they are large) Cucumber, sliced (cut cucumber in half if it is large) onion, sliced if red onion, or chopped fine otherwise
lemon juice good wine vinegar salt and black pepper

Mix the sliced vegetables, any juices from slicing, and the onion. Add a little lemon juice and/or good vinegar, and season well. Add sufficient cream to coat the vegetables well. Taste and adjust seasonings.




From the Late Summer Series

From the Tomatoes Series

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2 thoughts on “Tomato Cream Salad. A beautiful German Recipe from The Archives. February, 1998.

  1. Lovely idea to use cream. I love the combination of dairy and citrus. A must for me to try.

    Posted by Aneela Mirchandani | 18 February, 2014, 04:12

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