Recipe: Japanese Eggplant with Mirin and Miso


If I had to pick a couple of favourite vegetables, it would be luscious juicy tomatoes, and any sort of eggplant. This recipe I concocted after eating something similar in Japanese restaurants.

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Japanese Eggplant with Miso and Mirin

Don’t put this many sesame seeds on, these are just for visual impact.

Japanese Eggplant with Mirin and Miso

You wont believe that this is eggplant! What a delicious entree!

0.5 eggplant per person Chinese style sesame oil mirin
a small amount of dark miso sesame seeds

With a sharp knife, slice the eggplants in two lengthwise, then score deeply right around the edge of the flesh and cross-score the cut face to make a criss-cross pattern. This looks good but also makes the eggplant easier to eat, and allows the sesame oil and mirin to penetrate deep into the flesh.

Brush the cut surfaces lightly with sesame oil. Drizzle mirin over the surface, allowing it to sink into the cuts. Take a little miso paste and, with a knife, smear it across the surface quite thinly, or the taste will overwhelm the dish. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Bake in a medium (200 C) oven until quite soft, about 40 minutes or so. Serve hot or at room temperature with pickled ginger and a green salad.



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