Indian Essentials: Green Mangoes and Green Mango Powder (Amchur)

 Green Mango in Coconut Milk

Green Mangoes

Green Mangoes are used for their tartness and textures which are very different to the ripe fruit. Both sweet (yellow) and green mangoes are delicious, but they have very different uses. Green mangoes are usually pale green, without a hint of color,  crisp, with a sour tangy taste, although are sometimes sweet and sour.

There are two types of green mangoes: immature and mature. The immature green mango is a fruit that is picked early from the tree, and will never become ripe and sweet. Immature green mangoes are often used in their entirety – the skin, flesh and soft stone are all edible. They are most commonly for pickles and chutneys.

Green Mango

The mature green mango is grown to full maturity on the tree before being harvested. The skin of the mango is thicker, tougher and inedible, like the sweet mango. Its flesh is firm and crisp, and the fibre content is not obvious. This green mango is similar in flavour and texture to a freshly picked crisp, tart green apple. The stone in the mature green mango is not edible, as it has developed a hard shell to protect the seedling inside (similar to the sweet mango).

Green Mango

Buying Green Mangoes

When buying green mangoes, look for an unblemished skin of dull, bluish-green or muted green colours, and very firm flesh. They can be stored easily for about 2 weeks.

Ripe mangoes are not suitable substitutes for green mangoes.

Green Mango

Mango Powder | Dried Green Mango Powder | Amchur

Amchur, or dried mango powder, is make from sun-dried unripe green mangoes that have been peeled, sliced, dried and ground to make amchur powder. The resulting beige, slightly fibrous powder is rich in vitamin C, is tart with a hint of sweetness and can be used as lemon would be used. It is particularly useful when sourness is required but the ingredients need to be kept dry, such as when sautéing spiced potatoes. It is also one of the main ingredients in Chaat Masala and is used in North Indian pickles and vegetable dishes.

Crumble the powder well before use as it can get lumpy. Added to hot oil at the beginning of cooking, it adds a deeper taste; added at the end it provides a more subtle flavour.

Try it on grilled sweetcorn with some butter and black pepper. Delicious!

Green Mango

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