Indian Essentials: What is Ragi Flour | Millet Flour



Ragi is also known as finger millet, and it is a popular cereal grown in Africa, India and Asia. Native to the Ethiopian Highlands, it was introduced to India 4,000 years ago and is now grown in the Himalayas.

Ragi is very high in calcium and iron as well as the amino acid methionine, and so is often used for feeding growing infants. It is light and easy to digest. It is also gluten free.

Ayurvedically it is suitable for all constitutions, particularly Kapha people. Maybe Vata constitutions should eat it less frequently, or add lots of ghee to it as it is a drying, astringent grain.

Ragi Flour | Millet Flour

RRagiaggi flour is pinky brown in colour and very fine. It can be made into dosas, breads, porridges, puddings and cakes. It is an amazing thickener and has a naturally delicious taste – a little little like subtle cocoa so you don’t need to use spices iwth it. When it is roasted in ghee it even looks like melted chocolate.

You can buy both Ragi and Ragi flour in Indian groceries.

information from Muditainsitute.


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