Recipe: How To Roast Beetroot | Method 1


Beetroot has been called the King of Vegetables. At its best in winter, beetroot’s cheery presence brings joy to the kitchen. It is easy to cook, but is a dense vegetable so takes time. A good vegetable for winter Sunday afternoons.

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Roasted Beetroot

Roast Beetroot

So good straight from the garden. Serve as a veggie, use in a salad or in Beetroot Risotto.

1 bunch whole beetroot

Wash the beets well, and trim the leaves leaving about 2cm of stalk. Remove most of the root, but not all. Do not peel. Wrap well in foil, and bake in a medium oven until tender – about 40 – 60 minutes. Unwrap and peel. Serve with black pepper and butter, or with Horseradish Cream.




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