Pan fried Mushrooms with Cabernet and Balsamic

Vic and I created this mushroom recipe one long weekend in the Barossa Valley. What a memorable weekend!

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Vic’s Mushrooms, panfried with slurps of Long Gully Irma’s Cabernet, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Created on the Barossa Weekend, and served again on my birthday… Both great times.

Mushrooms, sliced butter Long Gully Irma’s Cabernet, or other good red wine
balsamic vinegar black pepper

Place sliced mushrooms in a saucepan, and dot liberally with butter. Slurp a couple of tablespoons of red wine over the mushrooms, add a teaspoon or two of balsamic vinegar, and grind a liberal amount of black pepper over the top. Cook on low heat, until mushrooms have absorbed much of the butter and wine, but have not lost shape entirely. Yum.




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