Ingredients: How to Make Asian Flavoured Vegetable Stock

Asian Flavoured Vegetable Stocks | Heat in The Kitchen | Soups

Often I would make this stock, add some sliced mushrooms and Asian Greens and call it (a very light) dinner. For those days when you need to nurture yourself and your body.

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Asian Flavoured Stock

To the basic light vegetable stock or water, add a selection of the following:  ginger or galangal slices, dried tangerine or mandarin peel if you have it, coriander roots and stalks, garlic, ginger, spring (green) onion tops, lemon grass, Kaffir lime leaves, cardamom leaves if you have some, curry leaves, a little green chilli, dried mushrooms, half a lime, star anise. Even a luscious tomato.

This broth is good enough to float some Asian greens in, a few green onions, and some thinly sliced mushrooms with a touch of miso stirred in. A great Asian flavoured soup.


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