Recipe: Stuffed Tomatoes with Olives and Ricotta

Tomatoes, Olives and Ricotta | Heat in The Kitchen | Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes in Autumn and Winter, even into Spring, are great! There are many versions. Here is an early one.

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Tomatoes, Olives and Ricotta

Stuffed Tomatoes with class! I get overwhelmed with the breadcrumbs in traditional stuffed tomatoes. Let’s minimise them, and see what happens…

12 tomatoes, fresh and plump 1 small onion, chopped finely feta cubes
parsley chopped finely 2 garlic cloves chopped finely 6 Tblspn olive oil
Maldon salt and freshly ground black pepper black olives, chopped finely chopped leaves of Basil
3 – 4 Tblspn fresh ricotta, the freshest you can buy from your best ricotta shop 1 green or red pepper, chopped finely a tiny amount of breadcrumbs, or some nutritional yeast flakes, optional

Take a slice off of the top of each tomato. Scoop out a small crater in the top of each one, removing the harder core and leaving most of the seeds and other flesh. Place in a heavy oven proof dish.

Place a little black pepper in each tomato. Add a little chopped onion, then garlic, olives and pepper. Drizzle with some of the olive oil.

Sprinkle some breadcrumbs over this if you insist on using them. Top with some basil or parsley, a dollop of fresh ricotta, and layer a small cube of feta on the top. Salt lightly.

Drizzle the rest of the olive oil over and around the tomatoes, and bake 30 – 50 minutes until baked, steamy and delicious!

Vary the fillings. Use different combinations, or subsets of the above. Use Gruyère cheese, or creme fraîche. Try a little yoghurt mixed through, with some cucumber. Add pine nuts. Include chopped spinach. Use butter instead of oil. Go wild!



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