Recipe: How to Make Congee | Chinese Rice Porridge

Congee. A Chinese Rice Porridge | Heat in The Kitchen | Chinese | Rice

I love this in the middle of winter, made in one of those Chinese clay cooking pots, cooked on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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There are lots of congee recipes around – almost every Asian cookbook you pick up has one in it. I wanted to try this as I love the late nights congee in China Town in Sydney. So good. The first couple of attempts were not so good, but I love this one. Short grain rice is best. One cup of rice made a huge amount – enough for 3 or 4 smallish bowls of it. So be careful the first time that you make it to ensure that you are not making enough for your whole suburb!!!

Oh, do like the Japanese do and eat this for breakfast.

1 cup rice 4 cups water pinch salt
1 coriander leaf, or piece of pandanus leaf or  banana leaf (if available)

Rinse the rice well. Put it into a heavy pot – one of the Chinese clay cooking pots is ideal. Add the water and the leaf if using. Bring to the boil and simmer over the lowest heat for 1.5 hours – 2 hours. Stir every 10 – 15 minutes to prevent sticking and add more water as necessary.

You can eat congee with anything – add some soy sauce, toasted sesame sauce and black vinegar. Add slices of young ginger, or a ginger and coriander paste. Add sliced spring onions, tofu cubes and a shot of sweet chilli sauce. Add fresh chillies sliced or crisp dried shallots. Peanuts. Mushrooms and seaweed. Red Vinegar. Whatever takes your fancy.

I think I will make some now.


From the Japanese Series



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