Recipe: Pommes de Terre Maxim | Potatoes Maxim

It was much more common a decade or two ago to bake potatoes, usually sliced, with some combination of butter, cream and cheese. I guess times have changed and our weather isn’t cold enough for long enough for these dishes to still grace our tables regularly. But the recipes are worth having on hand – when guests let you know they will be arriving for a meal in less than an hour, when the weather IS cold enough to freeze the tip of your nose, and for, well, when nothing but some good old fashioned potato is going to satisfy your need for comfort.

Today is a very simple recipe – slice peel potatoes, mix with melted butter, layer on a tray and bake till crispy. We are adding it to our raft of baked potato recipes.I loved French food when I was working in France. Pommes de Terre Maxim is such a simple dish but it is oh so special. Don’t just keep it for Winter – it works well for any Sunday lunch, and even in the cooler days of Summer and into Autumn.

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This recipe is one of the vegetarian recipes from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006.  You can find other recipes from that blog in the Retro Recipes series.


Pommes de Terre Maxim | Potatoes Maxim

Pommes de Terre Maxim (Potatoes Maxim)

1 kg potatoes, peeled, sliced thinly and dried 90 g butter salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 200C. Place the potatoes in a bowl and add the melted butter. Season with salt and pepper and gently mix the potatoes to coat with butter. (For a non-French, spicy alternative, add 1 Tblspn cumin.)

Arrange the potatoes in a single layer over a baking sheet or low pan, overlapping them slightly to look like fish scales. Place the tray in the oven and bake 20 – 30 minutes until the potatoes are cooked and browned. Serve hot.


This recipe is one of the vegetarian recipes from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006. It is cross posted on our sister site, A Life (Time) of Cooking. It appears here as part of the Retro Recipes series  which documents our vegetarian recipes from that first blog.

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