Ingredients: How to Make Pickled Lemons and Preserved Lemons | 2 Recipes

How can you have a fridge without pickled or preserved lemons? They are a must to add liveliness and freshness to a dish. It also stimulates your palate – for example, try some Tuscan bread with feta, avo and preserved lemon as a small snack before your meal.

There are several different recipes for preserved lemons and limes that I cycle around. Here are 2 of them.

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Preserved Lemons

Pickled Lemons

6 large, unwaxed lemons 2 – 3 Tblspn sea salt paprika
600ml (approx.) olive oil

Scrub the lemons and slice crosswise (or quarter). Sprinkle with the salt and leave to drain for at least 24 hours in a colander until they become limp.

Arrange the lemon slices in a glass jar, sprinkling paprika between each layer. Add the olive oil to cover by at least 1 cm. Seal the jar tightly and set aside for approx. 3 weeks, by which time the lemon slices will be soft and orange in colour.


Pickled Lemons

Preserved Lemons

6 large, unwaxed lemons 2 – 3 Tblspn sea salt 6 small red chillies
6 cloves garlic, sliced 4 – 5 bay leaves 2 cups mixture of lemon juice and white wine vinegar
1 cup sugar 1 Tblspn peppercorns

Scrub the lemons and quarter. Sprinkle with the salt. Pack into sterilised jars with chillies, peppercorns, garlic and bay leaves. Combine sugar with the lemon juice and white wine vinegar, and warm until the sugar dissolves. Pour over the lemons in the jars, seal and stand 4 – 6 weeks before serving.

Serve sliced thinly with curries or any vegetarian dish, in salads, added to soups, and combined with oil and black pepper as a dressing for tomatoes and broccoli.

Add coriander seeds if you wish.





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