Seasonal Cooking: Delicious, Uncomplicated Summer Suggestions


Summer is the best time for delicious but uncomplicated eating. Try these suggestions.

  • Oven roast some peaches or apricots,sprinkled with jaggery or brown sugar (even dark brown sugar) and serve for breakfast with some toasted fruit bread and the best cream available.

Grilled Peaches

  • Make a plain risotto and just before you serve, turn through three large and sweet tomatoes, diced. Serve with crusty bread and freshly grated provolone cheese.
  • Roast some Spanish or red onions and small beetroots that have been tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and thyme. Serve with fresh mozzarella torn and scattered amongst the roasted vegetables, or use sheep’s milk curd. Accompany with some grilled sourdough bread.
  • Ripe cheese, fresh stone fruit and crusty bread with a green salad with minimal dressing.
  • Panfried buttery sandwiches of grilled slices of eggplant and mozzarella cheese.
  • Fresh berries or summery sweet melons, chilled, drizzled with a lime sugar syrup and serve with icecream.
  • Try some Indian amchur powder or chaat masala – slice or chunk some cucumber, tomatoes and fresh summer fruits, and dip into the powder before eating.


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