Ingredients: Pickled Ginger


Pickling ginger prolongs the pleasure of good fresh young ginger which in normal circumstances is available for only 4 months of the year. Pickled ginger is coloured a beautiful pink. It is a delight on its own; savour it. Nibble it while pouring the wine after work or whilst cooking dinner. Use as a relish for curries. Accompany any grilled or fried dishes. Serve next to some naked and solitary fried tofu for a stunning effect. And of course, eat with Sushi and other Japanese meals.

While pickled ginger can be eaten within a couple of weeks of preparation, it matures kindly and agreeably, obtaining a depth and dimension with age. A scintillating dish for all seasons. Some say that it can be eaten immediately, but its best flavours begin after a couple of weeks.


For instructions on how to make pickled ginger at home, try our King Dong Pickled Ginger.

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