Teas: How to Make White Tea

For the longest time I was not a fan of traditional tea. Give me a bunch of herbs and spices and I will make you the most wonderful tea – to make you feel happy, energised, relaxed, quiet, calm or sleepy. Robust in taste or so so subtle. Unusual. Interesting. Teas to make you really say “Aaaahhhh…”.

But white tea, the gentleness of this tea, has intrigued me.


Some of them are the wonderful little balls that open and reveal wonderful leaves when they are in your glass.

Some of them are leaves that float when they first hit the water, and then gradually expand and sink to the bottom.


And the best thing – you can just keep refilling your pot with water time after time after time. Want to refill it 20 times? Sure thing. So when I am working through the day, I can put 3 or 4 of the tiny tea balls directly into my cup, and refill all day. Heaven.


Try these popular white teas.

Oriental Pearl Drops Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Pearls are beautiful hand-rolled Jasmine scented tea pearls (small balls) made of Silver Needle young white tea leaves.

Jasmine Pearls are also known as Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Downy Pearls and Buddha Tears.

Watch the tea pearls slowly uncurled itself – beautiful to watch. A beautiful subtle and sweet tea. Use 4-6 pearls per cup. You can refill the pot 12 – 20 times.

Pai Mu Tan – White Peony

Also known as White Peony, Pai Mu Tan (Bai Mu Dan) is one of the most popular White teas. The leaf has a thin coat of white hair and the brew is light in colour with a slightly roasty taste. The tea is leafy, not in tiny balls (pearls). The leaves expand and sink after a few seconds in the water.

Lavender White Tea Balls

A delicate and tranquil white tea ball with the scent of lavender blossoms and violet flowers. It opens into wonderful flowers in hot water.

How to Brew White Tea

White tea should be brewed with water just off the boil. Brewing time can be 2 – 5 minutes. The tea leaves can be used many times, or until the taste diminishes.

To reduce the caffeine content of white tea pour hot water over the tea, then throw away the infused water and then infuse the tea leaves again like a normal cup of white tea. White tea brews to a pale yellow colour, with a light but delicate sweet flavour.


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