Recipe: How to Peel Tomatoes by Grating Them

It is a lot of work to peel tomatoes, but there are two methods that can be used instead of peeling.

The first method is for soups, purees and sauces etc. Chop the tomatoes into small chunks about 0.5 cm and use in the dish. Use your blender or hand held blender to zap the tomatoes as they finish cooking, and magic – no skins. An upright blender can be used for finer texture, and the resulting stock can be sieved if it is necessary to remove small pieces of remaining skin.

But the second method is the best – grate the tomatoes. This is a little known secret from Greece. Take your grater and place it in a large bowl. Using the larger grating holes, hold the tomato by the stem end and grate. The skin splits and does not grate, but the pulp of the tomato is released into the dish. You end up holding just the tomato skin and stem in your hand, and this is easily discarded.




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