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The joy of thick yoghurt. As thick as thick cream, superb as a topping, spread or base for a dip or a dessert, it is a necessary ingredient in the kitchen. Easy to make, it leaves whey which can be used in oats, breads, juices and soups.

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Pears and Thick Yoghurt (How to make thick yoghurt)

Thick Thick Yoghurt

Take a tub of yoghurt. Tip the yoghurt into something that will allow it to drain for at least 4 hours. I lined a sieve with a piece of muslin and sat this over a large bowl. A double layer of paper towels is Ok. Even coffee filters! A clean teatowel.

Allow the yoghurt to drain for up to 24 hours in the fridge. The whey drains off, and can be discarded or used in other ways you would normally use whey (in soups, bread baking etc). The amount that drains is surprising.

24 hours produces a very thick yoghurt, more like a soft soft cheese. 6 hours produces a thick but still liquid yoghurt. Choose the thickness to suit your taste and the way that you plan to use it.

Use as is on fruit, in place of cream, on muesli or porridge, in icecream, curd rice, yoghurt curries etc. Or, like The Budding Cook, make Rasberry Shrikand.

How to make thick yoghurt

ways to use Thick Thick Yoghurt:

How to make thick yoghurt


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