Indian Essentials: What is Kadhi, Indian Yoghurt Curry

Kadhi is a slow cooked Indian yogurt or buttermilk dish, thickened with besan (chana flour, chickpea flour) and tempered with spices. See the difference between Indian curd, buttermilk and yoghurt which are used almost interchangeably.

Use Western buttermilk for an Indian Yoghurt curry especially if you are after that little sour tang that buttermilk provides. If using yoghurt, look for unsweetened natural and thick yoghurt, eg Greek Yoghurt or yoghurt from your Indian grocery, and thin it a little. Outside of India, curd is considered to be different to yoghurt, but in Indian recipes, yoghurt can generally be substituted. If it appears that the recipe requires a thicker yoghurt than you can find, just hang the yoghurt for a while, allowing the moisture to drip out.

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  1. Sandhya says:

    I love Kadhi. your pictures are awesome too!

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  2. Shil says:

    Kadhi is a delicious and healthy curry. Love it!

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