Recipe: How to Char Grill Sweet Corn

The secret to pulling a meal together really quickly is to have prepared lots of bibs and bobs beforehand, so that there is always inspiration in the fridge. Toppings for soups, ingredients for salads, pastes and sauces, for stirfries, things to be mixed into batters and doughs, chopped herbs, frozen and dehydrated bits, stocks, juices, jams, pickles and chutneys, …… Endless, endless varieties.

Here is another quicky. Char Grill some sweetcorn while you are cleaning up from the evening’s meal. It will be cooked before you finish.

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Char Grilled Sweetcorn | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Autumn

Char Grilled Sweetcorn

Cuisine: Healthy!
Prep time: 2 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
Serves: infinite variety of uses

Sweetcorns – at least 1 and as many as you want
Oil – Peanut or Olive
A BBQ or grill pan

Heat the BBQ or the grill pan.

There are many ways to grill sweetcorn. You can leave the jacket on, or take it off. You can oil the corn before cooking, or cook it without oil. You can steam or boil the corn just a little before grilling if you prefer.

Once you have chosen you method, place the sweetcorn on the grill or BBQ and cook, rotating them often, until they are charred on each side.  Occasionally you will hear one of the little corns pop – just like popcorn.

Remove them from the grill when they are sufficiently cooked and charred. Allow to cook for a moment. These are delicious to be eaten immediately with butter, lime juice or some amchur (green mango powder) and a little chilli.

However, if you have any left, to reserve the corn for the week’s cooking, take a sharp knife and, holding the corn standing upright on a chopping board, run the knife down each side between the corns and the hard middle core of the sweetcorn. This removes the corn from the core and if done confidently the little corns will not scatter to all the corners of the kitchen.

Char Grilled Sweetcorn | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Autumn

The separated corn can also be eaten as a vegetable immediately with melted butter and pepper, or butter, lime, amchur powder and chilli salt. It makes a great snack too. Otherwise place them in a covered container in the fridge for use during the week.

This week I made a cracker salad of roasted butternut pumpkin, black beans, garlic and char grilled sweetcorn.

Char Grilled Sweetcorn | A Life (Time) of Cooking | Autumn

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