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Autumn is Fig Season! We sit on the back porch, a bowl of figs on a table between us, and wax lyrical about this fruit. Figs are one of the easiest fruits to make use of, hardly requiring any recipe. Nothing but a few minutes preparation is necessary and instructions seems superfluous. Whether serving savoury, or sweet, or somewhere in between, they are luscious, luxurious and somewhat decadent.


The first figs of the season should be eaten raw, on their own or with cheese. Then they can be grilled, unadorned or wrapped in vine leaves. Poaching or baking is also very good – honey or sugar with wine (white or red) works well. Or use orange juice. Add ginger, it is a very good pairing, or use a glug of Stones Green Ginger wine. Cinnamon is a great addition too. Or include Orange peel, lemon peel or lime peel, or even kaffir lime leaf. Ribena is good with red wine as a poaching or baking liquid. Cream de cassis and Marsala also work well with red wine. I like the flavour of bay leaves with baked figs.

Baked Fig

Raspberries pair well with figs, but we can’t get them locally so don’t often use them. They can be pureed and added to poaching liquids, or a made into a cassis style sauce to drizzle over baked or grilled figs. The puree can be added to either orange juice or red wine for poaching.

And who does not love Fig Jam! Add slivers of fresh ginger and some black pepper to the figs when making the jam. I love to add some red wine as well. Ginger wine, even whisky make good additions. If you have plenty of figs, don’t forget to pickle some.

Fig Jam

If you are looking for something to serve with sweet figs, raw, baked, or poached, try mascarpone dusted with some cinnamon powder.  Or use double cream, clotted cream or ricotta, combined with mixed peel and vanilla bean seeds. Other alternatives include nut creams – almond cream is magnificent.

Figs can be used in savoury dishes too. They can be pickled, as already mentioned, and go incredibly well in salads. They pair very very well with nuts, especially almonds and hazelnuts. Rest halved or quartered figs on peppery salad greens, add some creamy feta or goats cheese, perhaps, and top with toasted almond slivers.

Serve them with blue cheese and walnut bread, or make a sandwich with halved figs, creamy feta, black pepper and herbs or spicy greens.

Fig Sandwich with Feta

And don’t forget to dehydrate as many as you can, for use through the rest of the year.

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