Collection: Our Favourite Rasam Recipes

Rasam is the broth of South India – water flavoured with herbs and spices, and sometimes lentils. Despite its simplicity it is an intensely flavoured dish designed to be eaten poured over or mixed with rice. The intensity of the rasam flavour combined with the blandness of rice makes a powerful combination. Rasam can also be eaten as we might eat a soup, but its composition with the tanginess of tamarind or lime makes it a strong digestive stimulant. It is a perfect accompaniment to any meal. In Tamil Nadu in South India it is eaten daily.

There is a particular way of eating rasam, shared by Tickle My Senses.

Well, rasam needs to be eaten in the right way for maximum pleasure πŸ™‚ Pour the piping hot tomato rasam over your rice (for me the rice has to be swimming in the rasam) then using your finger tips coat the rice with the piping hot rasam, making sure you do not burn yourself ! then scoop mouthfuls of this delicious mixture into your mouth, accompanied with fried foods and vegetable. When all is done, lift up the plate to your lips and drink off any remaining rasam, the orphaned bits can be polished off by licking your fingers….slurpp!!!

This is our collection of favourite rasam recipes.

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Favourite Rasam Recipes

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We have even more favourite rasam recipes which we’ll post in the near future. When we do this post will be updated to include them. Meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful Rasams.