Collection: Our Favourite Thoran and Poriyal Recipes | South Indian Quick Vegetable Stirfries

Thorans (from Kerala) and Poriyals (from Tamil Nadu) are delightfully delicious, simple and quick dishes from the South of India that can form part of a meal, or can be eaten just with rice for a snack or simple meal. These dishes made from finely chopped vegetables are simply spiced, usually sweetened a little with coconut, and allow the flavour of the vegetables to shine. Bhurji from Andra Pradesh is also similar.

This is our collection of favourite Thoran and Poriyal recipes.

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Moringa Leaf Thoran

Favourite Thoran and Poriyal Recipes

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Thorans and Poriyals from Greens


Thorans and Poriyals from Other Vegetables

Lentil Poriyals

Dishes Similar to Thorans and Poriyals