Ingredients: How to Cook Rice by the Absorption Method

How to perfect this common method of cooking rice.


Indian Essentials: How to Make Your Own Ghee

Ghee is said to be the essence of a cow – first the cow produces milk, then cream is made from the milk. The best of the milk is extracted to make butter and then the best of the butter extracted to make ghee. How close to “essence of cow” is that!

Indian Essentials: What is Tamarind?

Used extensively in Sth Indian and SE Asian cooking, the brittle, dark brown pod of the tamarind tree, a tall shade tree, contains a sour fleshy pulp that adds a pungent, sour, lemony sourness to many dishes.

Indian Essentials: Fenugreek

Fenugreek was known as “Greek Hay” to the Romans. It is an unusual Asiatic herb with aromatic and bitter seeds.