Spices: Seeds of Irani Hogweed | For making Golpar Koobideh

These are the seeds of the Irani Hogweed. Often they are called Angelica seeds, but this is a mistake. Angelica is a herb of another variety entirely. The seeds are available from Afghani and Middle Eastern groceries, and some groceries specialising in German and European products. The whole Irani Hogweed Seed is often used in…

Spices: Dried Curd/Yoghurt Chillies of Kerala

Dried Curd Chillies have been marinated in curd/yoghurt on and off for several days, to absorb the yoghurt, and then dried in the sun. The yoghurt tempers some of the spicy heat of the chillies, and they develop a tangy, yogurty flavor. They are commonly eaten alongside the dishes that form a meal, like a pickle,…

Spices: Talni Mirchi | Dried Stuffed Chillies

Talni Mirchi are dried chillies from Maharashtra. They are first stuffed with fenugreek and perhaps other spices, perhaps soaked in curd or yoghurt, and dried in the sun. To use them, they are deep fried or sauteed very briefly, then crumbled over dishes or eaten alongside the dishes that form a meal. They can also…

Ingredients: How to Make Malay Curry Powder

While India does not have a “curry powder”, it does have a range of masalas and podis that are used in specific ways or with specific dishes. For example, chole masala, chaat masala and garam masala. Not so in the Indian community of Malaysia. Influenced by Malaysian cuisine, curry powder is a common staple in…

Spices: Nutmeg and Mace

Nutmegs are the dried seeds of a round pear-like fruit. Mace is the red, lacy covering around the seeds of the nutmeg, which turn yellowish when dried.

Indian Essentials: Fenugreek

Fenugreek was known as “Greek Hay” to the Romans. It is an unusual Asiatic herb with aromatic and bitter seeds.

Spices: A Note on Saffron

Saffron is formed from the whole, orange-red dried saffron threads, the stigma of the autumn crocus, crocus sativus.