Recipe: Potatoes Baked with Cumin and Tomatoes

Potatoes and Cumin are a great match. This baked dish is a great dish for most of the year.

Recipe: How to Cook a la Grecque

I have a couple of favourite “a la Grecque” recipes that cook vegetables in a mixture of good stock, some herbs and spices, and good olive oil. It is likely that “a la Grecque” is a term that originated in France for dishes cooked in this manner.

Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes

Versatile root vegetables with a rich earthy flavour, and which are the roots of a trailing vine belonging to the morning glory family. Not related to yams or taro.

Indian Essentials: Fenugreek

Fenugreek was known as “Greek Hay” to the Romans. It is an unusual Asiatic herb with aromatic and bitter seeds.