Ingredients: How to Make Your Own Crème Fraîche | Khatte Malai

If there is a secret to French Cooking, it is to be found in crème fraîche. It is also made in India where it is called Khatte Malai. Never be without it.

Recipe: Two Rice Puddings

Who does not like a Rice Pud? There is something so comforting about them. I usually bake my first one for the year as cold weather sets in. I know that I have accepted the arrival of winter as soon as the first Rice Pudding is in the oven.

Recipe: Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Torte

I can remember the days when Marscapone was not well known and Gorgonzola impossible to get. Today, both cheeses are almost passe, the fashion has passed. But still, I love them both, particularly together.