How to Make Eggless Mayo from Milk

I have a recipe from my Mum for an eggless mayonnaise that is made from condensed milk. It is pretty gorgeous, and I love it. There is also a cream based dressing that can be used in many cases as a replacement for egg based mayo. Even this Yoghurt based dressing will substitute for mayo….

Indian Essentials: What is Kosumalli aka Koshambari?

Kosumalli (aka Koshambari) is a simple spiced yet cooling salad. There are many varieties, but the most common is made by mixing soaked mung dal or channa dal with cucumber and/or carrot, with coconut, and tempering the salad with spices.  It is a South Indian specialty, eaten as a snack or made to accompany a…

Indian Essentials: What is Kachumber?

Kachumber, or cachumber, is the Indian version of a chopped  salad, originally using tomato and cucumber. Although there are many variations now, it usually consists of freshly chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and onions with a pepper and lemon or lime dressing. It often includes fresh chilli peppers, or chilli powder can be added to the dressing….

Collection: Watermelon Salads to Beat the Heat

Watermelon has this household hooked in the Summer hot weather – that luscious pink colour going looking so good in the heat, and the juices running down onto one’s plate (or down one’s chin). Eaten with a sucking noise, to extract every piece of juice, it cools and supplies a sugar energy boost at the…

Ingredients: How to Sprout Mung Beans

Jars of Mung Bean Sprouts for Lunches, Navarathri Sundals and Snacks Mung beans are soaking in jars – the sprouts will grow within 24 hours and will be perfect for lunches this week. They are also perfect amounts for snacks, cooking and for making sundals for festival Naivedyam and Prasadam.

Recipe: How to Char Tomatoes for Salads

Charring tomatoes gives a flavour boost and adds a slight smokiness to the tomatoes without having them collapse. They can be made on the stovetop or in the oven. Simple to do, charred tomatoes are a great addition to salads, hot roasted vegetable salads, soups and on their own as a side dish. Why don’t…

Recipe: How to Char Grill Sweet Corn

The secret to pulling a meal together really quickly is to have prepared lots of bibs and bobs beforehand, so that there is always inspiration in the fridge. Toppings for soups, ingredients for salads, pastes and sauces, for stirfries, things to be mixed into batters and doughs, chopped herbs, frozen and dehydrated bits, stocks, juices,…

Recipe: How to Cook a la Grecque

I have a couple of favourite “a la Grecque” recipes that cook vegetables in a mixture of good stock, some herbs and spices, and good olive oil. It is likely that “a la Grecque” is a term that originated in France for dishes cooked in this manner.

Recipe: Caramelised Roast Pumpkin Salad

What is better than roast pumpkin? A Roast Pumpkin Salad! Use butternut or jap pumpkin if you can, or a flavourful pumpkin or squash that can be roasted. This is a gorgeous salad.

Recipe: Two Cucumber Salads

Cucumbers are a little under-rated in this household, yet they make beautiful salads (and incredible juices!). Meet two wonderful cucumber salads.

Recipe: Asian Cucumber and Tofu Salad

What a beautiful result from changing out the non veg items in a salad with Tofu. You may need to visit an Asian Grocery to locate some of the ingredients.