Indian Essentials : Sabudana | Sago and Tapioca

In Asia and India, taste is as much about the texture of food as it is about the flavour. That is why such flavourless ingredients such as the wide range of grains used, and tofu are often the star of the dish, while the flavoursome ingredients play a back role. Sago and Tapioca fall into…

Ingredients: What is Cocozella Zucchini?

Cocozelle is a type of Zucchini that is closer to a squash. It’s skin is medium-green with wide, light green or white stripes. The flesh is tender and its flavour is considered more pronounced than many other zucchini. Choose ones that are less than 35cm (14 inches), ideally around 18 to 30 cm long. Before…

Indian Essentials : The Difference Between Vathal, Vadagam and Vadam

South India, especially Tamil Nadu, has a culture of drying vegetables, mixtures of lentils and spices, and pastes made from rice, sago and similar. This is sensible of course – it preserves summer produce for use throughout the year, and thus in leaner seasons they extend freshly available ingredients and provide additional taste and texture….

Cooking: How to make Crispy Garlic, Crispy Sage and Crispy Curry Leaves

Use crispy garlic to top vegetables, soups and mashes. It adds texture, flavour and another dimension to dishes. Sage and Curry Leaves likewise. You might also like to see how to make Crispy Ginger. Have a look at Crispy Sage Leaves with White Beans. Try this Parsnip and Carrot Soup with Crispy Garlic.

Cooking: How to Char Grill Sweet Corn

The secret to pulling a meal together really quickly is to have prepared lots of bibs and bobs beforehand, so that there is always inspiration in the fridge. Toppings for soups, ingredients for salads, pastes and sauces, for stirfries, things to be mixed into batters and doughs, chopped herbs, frozen and dehydrated bits, stocks, juices,…

Ingredients: How to Make Pomarola | Italian Tomato Sauce

Pomarola is one of the corner stones of Italian cooking is tomato sauce. This is a simple recipe that can be used as it is or can be added to when needed. It is important to use fresh and ripe tomatoes. Make a lot and freeze it for Winter. This recipe was given to me…

Cooking: How to Make Italian Pizza Dough

This recipe was given to me by Ilyse, who used to have the most amazing Italian food blog, Lucullian Delights. It works every time. We have other Pizza dough recipes here. Or explore all of our Pizza recipes here. Our Italian recipes are here and here. Browse all of our Tomato recipes here and here….

Ingredients: What is Halloumi Cheese?

Also spelt Haloumi, this cheese was originally a Middle Eastern Bedouin cheese made from ewes’ and sometimes goats’ milk. It is long-keeping, tough and salty which made it ideal for the Bedouin way of life. It became very popular and spread to the Middle East, to Greece and Cyprus and throughout the world. The cheese…

Ingredients: Pickled Ginger

  Pickling ginger prolongs the pleasure of good fresh young ginger which in normal circumstances is available for only 4 months of the year. Pickled ginger is coloured a beautiful pink. It is a delight on its own; savour it. Nibble it while pouring the wine after work or whilst cooking dinner. Use as a…

Cooking: How to Dry Capsicums

Dried capsicums are so sweet and intensely flavoured. You can snack on them, or add them to soups, sauces, risottos, vegetable stews, and curries.