Ingredients: How to Make a Deeply Flavoured Coconut-Curry Stock

Stocks are so important to the success of many dishes, but if you cook constantly with herbs and spices, it is easy to throw one together as needed. In the past I would always have a freezer full of vegetable stock, but these days I prefer the stocks made with the ingredients on my kitchen…

Ingredients: How to Make Malay Curry Powder

While India does not have a “curry powder”, it does have a range of masalas and podis that are used in specific ways or with specific dishes. For example, chole masala, chaat masala and garam masala. Not so in the Indian community of Malaysia. Influenced by Malaysian cuisine, curry powder is a common staple in…

Ingredients: Pickled Ginger

  Pickling ginger prolongs the pleasure of good fresh young ginger which in normal circumstances is available for only 4 months of the year. Pickled ginger is coloured a beautiful pink. It is a delight on its own; savour it. Nibble it while pouring the wine after work or whilst cooking dinner. Use as a…

Recipe: How to Make Gado-Gado

There is nothing like a good Gado-Gado – an Indonesian dish with a spicy peanut sauce. Make it at home for that special taste.

Ingredients: What are Bean Curd, Tofu and Tempeh?

Tofu is an ancient Chinese and Japanese product made from curdled soybean milk – the extract from yellow soy beans. It is made by pulping cooked soybeans, straining out the soy milk and then coagulating and pressing it in a process very similar to making cottage cheese.

Indian Essentials: What is Tamarind?

Used extensively in Sth Indian and SE Asian cooking, the brittle, dark brown pod of the tamarind tree, a tall shade tree, contains a sour fleshy pulp that adds a pungent, sour, lemony sourness to many dishes.

Ingredients: The Wealth of Asian Noodles

Noodles used in Asian cooking may seem confusing at first because there are so many different shapes, thickness and lengths. They are also made from different ingredients and come dried or fresh.

Herbs: Limes and Kaffir Limes

Lime juice is somewhat more “green” in taste than the lemon, and can be used interchangeably in most dishes. I prefer limes over lemons in most recipes, except desserts.

Spices: Galangal | Greater Galangal | Thai Ginger

Galangal is an erect annual plant with aromatic, ginger-like rhizomes and is a staple of SE Asian cooking as a flavouring. Sometimes called Laos, or Blue Ginger, it is a member of the ginger family.

Recipe: Asian Cucumber and Tofu Salad

What a beautiful result from changing out the non veg items in a salad with Tofu. You may need to visit an Asian Grocery to locate some of the ingredients.

Recipe: Tao Hou Tod | Fried Fresh Beancurd with Sweet Nut Sauce

  This is incredibly delicious. You could use peanut paste in place of the peanuts if you wish. The sauce is wonderful. You might also like our Tofu recipes here and here. Our Deep Fried Tofu recipes are here. Or you might like to browse SE Asian recipes here and here. Check out our easy…