Ingredients: Harissa | Chilli and Red Pepper Sauce

You think that you love Sriracha? I am sure that you have not tried Harissa yet. Harissa is a well-known hot sauce from the North African and Middle Eastern parts of this world. It is tangy hot, but tempered by the sweet red peppers, roasted for intensity of flavour. This aromatic and spicy chilli paste can…

Recipe: How to Dry Capsicums

Dried capsicums are so sweet and intensely flavoured. You can snack on them, or add them to soups, sauces, risottos, vegetable stews, and curries.

Recipe: Two Roast Pepper Soups

Both of these soups are delicious. Bradley’s soup is wonderfully peanutty with the addition of peanut butter, and the other is pure red pepper. Stunning.

Recipe: Roasted Capsicum, Tomato and Peanut Soup

It is truly Autumn now, in that Adelaide sort of way, where the cold blues of summer disappear and the warm rich tones of autumn gradually make their way into one’s heart. Leaves of yellow and red and brown. Ash white of garlic skins. Red of pears, brown of pears. Red and green of apples. Yellow of quinces, red of pomegranates. The palette of autumn is magnificent indeed when in its full glory. And the scents! Apples, quinces, autumn roses. The last of coriander. Bog sage blowing blue in the breeze. Onion flowers wafting around. Tomatoes, the last of, so very sweet and juicy in autumn without that