Ingredients: Long Melon | Bottle Gourd | Lauki

Long Melon, Lauki, Doodhi, or the Bottle Gourd species produces fruit in a range of sizes and shapes, from long and thin, straight or curved to bottle shaped. But always the skin is smooth, tough and most commonly light green. When buying it is good to select the younger ones as they will be more tender…

Ingredients: What to do with Deep Fried Tofu

Versatile Deep Fried tofu can either be store-bought in packets, or made at home. Deep Fried Tofu is available from any Asian or Chinese Grocery, where it might be called Tofu Puffs, or Fried Tofu Squares.  As the name suggests, it is a tofu that has been deep fried. It is quite firm in texture…

Ingredients: What are Bean Curd, Tofu and Tempeh?

Tofu is an ancient Chinese and Japanese product made from curdled soybean milk – the extract from yellow soy beans. It is made by pulping cooked soybeans, straining out the soy milk and then coagulating and pressing it in a process very similar to making cottage cheese.

Ingredients: The Wealth of Asian Noodles

Noodles used in Asian cooking may seem confusing at first because there are so many different shapes, thickness and lengths. They are also made from different ingredients and come dried or fresh.

Spices: Chinese Five Spice Powder

All over China, five spice powder is known and valued. It is an aromatic, intense and tantalising spice of various recipes that has been used in China since ancient times.

Recipe: Asian Cucumber and Tofu Salad

What a beautiful result from changing out the non veg items in a salad with Tofu. You may need to visit an Asian Grocery to locate some of the ingredients.

Ingredients: Fermented Blackbeans

These very pungent beans are an ancient Chinese cooking staple. They are made from partially decomposed soybeans which are then dried and sometimes salted.

Recipe: Sweet Chilli Sauce

I haven’t made Sweet Chilli Sauce in a long time. It’s a pity, because it’s a simple & easy sauce that can be used in a million ways – with noodles or over veg, in a stirfry or as a condiment in a sandwich, add some to pasta sauce, spread over grilled tofu or haloumi…..