Ingredients: About Miso and the Different Types of Miso

Miso has long been a favourite and we adore Miso Soup. Recently I found a sweet little Japanese bowl that just smiles sweetly and says “let’s make miso soup” to me every time I catch its eye on the kitchen bench. It is very easy to make if you have miso paste. But miso is…

Recipe: How to Make Crispy Fried Ginger and Ginger Chips

Crispy Fried Ginger is a great garnish for vegetables and rice. It is easy to make and adds volumes of flavour. Keep a bowl of these, along with crispy garlic, curry leaves, sage and shallots, right next to your stove. You might like to also look at Crispy Garlic, Sage and Curry Leaves. Try this…

Indian Essentials: What is Kadhi, Indian Yoghurt Curry

Kadhi is a slow cooked Indian yoghurt or buttermilk dish, thickened with besan (chickpea flour) and tempered with spices. See the difference between Indian curd, buttermilk and yoghurt which are used almost interchangeably. Using Western buttermilk for an Indian Yoghurt curry is Ok, especially if you are after that little sour tang that buttermilk provides….

Ingredients: Pickled Ginger

  Pickling ginger prolongs the pleasure of good fresh young ginger which in normal circumstances is available for only 4 months of the year. Pickled ginger is coloured a beautiful pink. It is a delight on its own; savour it. Nibble it while pouring the wine after work or whilst cooking dinner. Use as a…

Spices: Chinese Five Spice Powder

All over China, five spice powder is known and valued. It is an aromatic, intense and tantalising spice of various recipes that has been used in China since ancient times.

Cooking: Breakfast Suggestions

Breakfast can be such an exciting meal! Let’s not let it be boring any more. Checkout these breakfast ideas from the archives.

Ingredients: Retro Recipes with Avocados

As part of the reblogging of material from my old original site, I was reading my description of Avocados from that time and it caused me to smile. How far we have come.

Recipe: Singin’ Hinny | Stove Top Scones | Griddle Scones

My goodness, I did love this recipe, producing scone-like cakes that whistled and sang as they cooked on the griddle. In the early days of this century it was often to be found on The Table in The Kitchen, hot from the griddle and next to a large chunk of country butter.

Recipe: How to Make Miso Soup

Miso has long been a favourite & recently I found a sweet little Japanese bowl that just smiles sweetly & says “let’s make miso soup” every time I catch its eye.

Indian Essentials: How to make Ginger-Garlic Paste, Garlic Paste and Ginger Paste

How interesting it is to see the sky horizon-to-horizon. How stunning. How surprising. Locked out by city buildings, the sky can only peek through cracks and down alleys, but in the desert it reaches joyfully from east to west, from north to south, behind you, in front of you, to the left of you, to the right of you. Above you and wrapped around you.

Wrapping itself firmly into your soul is the peace, the untrampled aural aspect of land physically untrampled except by stock and native animals. I wanted to sleep in that stillness, laying on the earth, looking into the stars and the face of the moon.